Thursday, April 14, 2011

First Barefoot Day of the Year! (re-released with pictures)

PJ & I had a day off together yesterday. We ran some errands in the morning & then we raced off on a spur-of-the-moment geocaching adventure in a local Old Hickory park. We found a beaver-ravaged tree by the lake!

I was not so brilliant; I forgot to put on "real" shoes. I actually had forgotten I was wearing my high-heeled converse sneakers until I was trudging around in the underbrush looking for a tiny hiden prize.

I made it through that first (unsuccessful) search but my feet were killing me! I gave in to my need for comfort & took my shoes & socks off... and mmm, the grass was so soft and cool and the moss was thick and spongy under my abused feet. This time of year, the grass is at its softest best.

We searched for 6 caches and found four, including our first micro. Woohoo! I am really psyched about it. Plus, we got to see guys from the AMA flying their jewel-toned model airplanes in a field reserved just for them. Those guys were flying tricks and their planes were like huge yellow and red dragonflies.

Oh, and we found a precious baby turtle. We bothered him just long enough for some pictures then put him back where we found him. He promptly disappeared as soon as our backs were turned. We also found a huge rock slab of fossilized shells. PJ called it a fossil bed & said it's part of an old sea bed that petrified.

All together a fabulous and fulfilling day!
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