Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Got Some Gardening Done

(I just threw pictures in randomly, I'm exhausted, the next post will be more cohesive)

Between the lovely weather, my lovely job, and going to KY just about every single weekend - I haven't really had time to do anything I need to do. Like knitting, blogging, house cleaning. See how I snuck that cleaning one in there? Ha ha ha, as if THAT really ever happens. I clean less often thanks to my new lower standards! I recommend that to anyone who's stressed over a messy home. ;)

This past weekend I went to my Parents' place for the holidays. Mom fed us, Mmmmm! I got to shoot my new shotgun and subsequently severely hurt my shoulder. Turns out I'm a muffin, and when you don't really have fat shoulders/armpits, muscle definition, or sufficient padding you can really bruise yourself shooting something with a moderate "kick".

A lot of wonderful things happened this weekend, like Mom's cooking (just have to mention it again, it was THAT good), getting an animal-love "fix" from their herd of critters, seeing my Dad and harassing him, getting to play with the kids, seeing my best buddy Scott, & spending the night @ his house watching old movies & hangin' out just the three of us (hubby too). Mom loaned me her extra espresso machine! That's been keeping me wide awake since I got home. I'll have to post pics of it later, I think it needs a name - I love it THAT much. I also -finally- got the opportunity to bring back some plants since we drove up in PJ's car.

My Mom and I really really love our family heirlooms. We've got some neat stuff that's been in our family for generations. We've got a deerskin-bound lesson book/journal from a great-great-great+ somebodyorother that's just full of old math and calligraphic handwriting lessons. Apparently books were so precious back then you got one and made it last throughout your lifetime because he grew up writing school lessons in the book and used it when he was grown and working as well. We've got family bibles that helped my great-grandparents trace our geneology back many generations, from when we first came to this country. We've got some furniture from many other generations. And perhaps most tangible these days - we have flowers and vegetables from my great-grandmother's old home place gardens. A home that all of us remember living in at one time or another, five generations of us, that is now no longer in the family.

My Mom's garden at her home is all that's left now of what once was the old home place gardens created by my Gran. I got to take a huge clump of phlox and another of poppies. I didn't have room for asparagus, but will get some of that as soon as I've prepared a safe place to put it at my home.

So since arriving back home Sunday evening - in a torrential deluge, I might add, I've been pruning and weeding and trying to prepare my yard for the special things I've brought home. My neighbors must have thought I was crazy, pruning and digging in the rain. And for sure the mosquitoes thought I was a delicious snack no matter what the weather. But I got things under control and got about half the stuff planted. The important heirloom stuff definitely.

I got a butterfly bush, and a bunch of black-eyed-Susans from the horse fields while I was home too.

I don't know where I'm going to put everything, but I do know I'm very happy with the possibilities and I hope the cool weather stays long enough for me to at least get the yard mowed!

I'll post pictures as the yard progresses. Tomorrow night I'm having a friend over for espresso (which IS a good idea, no matter WHAT you say!) so I'll be neglecting yard and knitting again, but I'll try to post a espresso pic.
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