Monday, January 17, 2011

A Creative Weekend

We got to see Bonny's latest artistic creation this Sunday at Knitting. Y'all might not know that she's a painter! I love when she gets into her creative painting moods, and this happens to be one of my favorite things that she's ever painted. It's her version of Starry Night, but I think I like her creation much better than the original - it's so bright and happy!

Unfortunately, I was unable to talk her out of it. (I REALLY tried!) I don't blame her, if I'd painted that, I would want it on my own wall at home too. So in lieu of getting hers I went out and got a couple of canvases from Hobby Lobby and Keegan and I went home and made our own art.

His is the Transformer, which he free-handed completely himself. Mine isn't finished yet but I am trying to get some of the swirly air current clouds that I love so much in Bonny's. Maybe I'll get a chance to do some more work on it this week around my work schedule.

If you've never painted before, might I suggest that you give it a try? Hobby Lobby is running a GREAT sale this week, but their low prices make this an affordable thing to try any time. This week, their canvases and paints are 30% off and I think Bonny said their brushes were 50% off. I had brushes already, a nice set I got at Michael's years ago. I did purchase two 2-packs of canvases that were priced at 5.99 before discount. Bonny got two larger canvases (also a two-pack) for 7.99 before discount. The paint set you see in front of Keegan cost $14.99 before discount too. It's acrylics, which I really love because they are water soluble and will act like both oils and watercolors. So you can have dreamy colorwashes or you can build up texture. They dry fast and don't require any special oils or chemicals as the brushes just wash off in water.

You can see from our fancy setup that we don't need any specialized equipment or training to have a good time painting together. Go grab your kids & get to Hobby Lobby while this great sale is going on! I spent around $20 for the paints and four canvases and we had a whole afternoon of fun and creativity right on the kitchen counter. Not to mention, I get more original art for my walls!
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