Thursday, September 8, 2011


I've been knitting!  I made a Nessie toy & several wash clothes out of the rest of the cotton yarn.  This is made for a friend's 1st baby whom they named Nettie.  (I haven't gotten the gift to them yet, but it's finished & in the bag waiting for me to do so now that I'm back in town.)

This is the hooded cape I made for baby Regan.  It's actually finished now, but this is one of my favorite pictures of it.  The beads really do look luminescent like that all the time, it's not just a trick of the lighting.  I've got to do some finishing touches on it, so my sister will still be surprised when she gets it - but the knitting & beading portions are over now.

 I finished this beautiful pink scarf for my friend Jill in Michigan.  It's beaded with beautiful silver-lined clear beads and she loves it.  This is her favorite color.  You should see her beautiful flower gardens, so many lovely pinks that you just can't help but be happy!  Unfortunately, we didn't remember to get any pictures of HER with the scarf while we were up there, but I will do so the next time we go up.

I am making a beautiful Estonian Lace scarf for myself out of some lovely alpaca that was in my stash for a sweater.  This scarf is flying off my needles at a reckless speed!  I have to knit it fast, because people keep trying to steal the yarn.  It is really soft and fuzzy, like knitting with a baby bunny.  I can't wait until this scarf is done, it's gonna be so warm and comforting around my neck.  I expect to be snuggly-warm all winter because of this baby!

My darling just went to Las Vegas for his yearly work pilgrimage.  Generally he brings me back souvenirs like shirts, key chains, pretty sparkly Vegas-themed items.  This year he must have had a really good time (and was REALLY bad!!!) because he brought me back this gorgeous necklace.  I haven't really had it off since he gave it to me.

Also, we are finally getting the downstairs room finished after all the flood damage.  This is Kieffer, who was helping out the crew by rolling something on the concrete floor.  Please note the new ceiling pattern!  You can't really tell what it is in this picture, but that's kinda the point.  It's a fan pattern texture... but the important thing is that it's NOT POPCORN!  The person who originally finished my downstairs room thought popcorn was a great ceiling texture.  They also thought 70's era fake wood paneling was great too.  Thank goodness for the flood that made us have to get rid of that crap because the NEW room is going to be spectacular!

Right now, my crew is downstairs putting the finishing touches on the new flooring, and the trim around the doors.  I will be getting pictures as soon as it's finished.  It's SO BEAUTIFUL!
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