Friday, February 1, 2008

Wow, where have I been?

I've been lurking everywhere since my last post, more interested in my knitting projects than in writing about them or being social. Och, I'm a bad girl! Loads of family stuff has been going on. I get too complacent in my happy life and I don't wanna write or even be anywhere near the computer!

Since I last blogged, we've had all the good winter holidays! I managed to make my Mom (the Knitting Enabler) a pair of slipper-socks to match her Smitten Mittens. I made my beautiful little sister a scarf in her specifications (peach and looooooong!). She can wrap it once around her neck and it nearly touches the ground on both sides anyway. She was delighted but I barely finished it in time and never got a picture of it. Mom promised to get one, but hasn't come through with it yet. I also made little sister the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet and Dad a pair of black & red elf-toe slippers to wear around the house. I was going to make him a lap blanket but didn't have time with all the other stuff I was making.

My Gramma Anne sent a care package with eight balls of BEAUTIFUL yarn for me. I have been in yarn heaven since then. With one of the sets of yarn I'm making my very first custom pattern! I'm excited about it, too. I'm making a dog sweater for my schnauzer, Pixie. I haven't had a terribly lot of knitting time this January, unfortunately, but I'm trying to squeeze some in here and there. I would love to be able to send my Gramma some pictures of what I'm making with the yarns she sent. I'm also trying to squeeze-in reading time because I bought myself some great new books too. Oh, if only the hubby was rich and I could stay at home & knit all the time instead of having to work. :) Don't we all wish that though?

I will come back here & post pictures of the slippers I made for Mom & the socks I made for Dad. Maybe even the capelet I made for little sister too. I need to fuss at Mom for not sending me pictures since it's been months since they got their items! Bad Mommy!!

My sock is still on-hold. My first lace scarf is still on hold. And my cardigan remains one-armed & without it's finishing crochet trim along the bottom hem. Sadly, for all of those... I am not going to pick them up again until I have this dog sweater completed! I'm hoping I have enough of the beautiful yarn left to make myself some arm warming fingerless gloves and maybe a hat. We'll have to see. I don't want my Gramma to think I didn't like the yarn and wasted it all on the dog. I don't know if she would think that, but I fear she might be slightly insulted. :(

That's all for now, gotta go to work & make my stash-fund for the day. Next weekend Hubby & I are going to Hopkinsville for a day-trip. We're going to a museum that has a display on Edgar Cayce and we might get to see his grave too, but the point of the trip is - we're going to donate a brand new X-box 360 and a brand new television set (and maybe a rolling cart too) to a hospital in the area - for the kids who are staying there. We haven't decided on which hospital yet, but that's the plan. I'll post pictures & info when we know more ourselves. My hubby was in the hospital a couple of times when he was a kid (for some pretty serious things) and he remembers sharing their game system with the other kids who were there. I have a fabulous husband, even though I like to tease him about being yarn-cheap.
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