Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Found a mistake that requires ripping out a whole row to repair or my pattern count will be incorrect. Discovered it at work at the end of my lunch break so there was no way to correct it. Needless to say, I was discouraged and distracted the rest of the day. Hubby called me toward the end of the day & noticed I was distracted. He intuitively knew it was knitting-related and not work-related and teased me mercilessly. Wretched hubby!

After work I had to get out a cloak I started years ago and figure out where I'd stopped. He's got to have it for tomorrow, so it looks like TWO days in a row I won't have time for knitting. Thankfully all I have to do is attach two (already cut) sleeves to the existing finished cloak and let out the hem to fit him and viola! Simple enough, maybe if I hurry through it I'll have knitting time. In theory, anyway.

This has to constitute spousal abuse, right? I'm pretty sure of it.

How am I supposed to concentrate on my JOB when my knitting has a found-error in it?


In happier news: The baby blanket was received warmly at the baby shower. My girlfriend says it was the only hand-made item that her friend had ever gotten for any of her children and she absolutely loved it. Girlfriend said the lady was actually teary-eyed over it! And what's more, it happened to be the exact color pink of the car seat that she picked out and so it matched perfectly. I suppose that makes it easier to give up the blanket. Not that I needed it or anything since I'm not having any more kids and I don't have girls and it would have been completely useless to me in any other application... but I treasured it and it was snuggly and warm and beautiful and I couldn't keep my own hands off it. I was sad to see it go, but very glad that it appears it will be cherished by its' recipient. I hope it keeps her little girl very warm and wrapped in love this winter.
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