Monday, October 22, 2007


WH (Wretched Hubby) has just informed me that if I don't watch out, he's going to have an knitting intervention for me. Our roommate agrees.

Anyone want to buy a husband? He's house-trained, he holds a job, he's very good looking... but he's a knitting-hater. I'll consider swapping him for some good stash yarns, send offers to Avversiera in Ravelry.


He won't let me take my new Aktion (limited edition) sock yarn into our bedroom to stroke and daydream about on my way to slumberland. He says that's taking it TOO FAR.

He actually took my beloved new Aktion yarn hostage earlier today in order to secure dinner for himself! As if he didn't get dinner EVERY SINGLE night without taking my precious stash hostage!

He hid it from me in the cleaning supply closet, but I outsmarted him. I found it right away. Silly man. If he hadn't wanted me to find it he should have hid it in the washing machine or behind his XBox 360.

He won't let me knit when we go out to eat. He won't let me knit in movie theaters. He won't let me knit while riding in the car. He won't let me knit in the bedroom, even when he's not in it!

*sniffle sniffle*

Now the Evil Roommate (ER) is siding with the WH and the UC (Ungrateful Children).

Has any other knitter ever been so abused and mistreated?

This all began directly after my latest meeting of the Small Business Support Group (I hit a sale at my LYS). I have the meanest husband in the South.
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