Monday, October 22, 2007

Seams and Joining

Am I the only knitter who truly loves the kitchener stitch and seaming my garments together when they're finished? I've heard a few people mention that they like the finishing process, or that they're not terribly opposed to it at least, but I love it. I mean, I REALLY LOVE it! Everything's done and you finally get to wear your masterpiece - or what you've finished at least. That is possibly the best part for me.

Granted, I'm not the most experienced kitchener-er in the world or anything. I've seamed together a little girl's A-line dress for my niece (I need to get pictures of it up on my Ravelry site already), I kitchenered a few sock toes and seamed half my cardi but I tell you, I loved that part best of all. Even better than the delightful blissful knitting that preceded it. In fact, I may possibly only knit so I get the chance to seam afterwards. How silly is that? I'll have to consider it more in-depth and get some more knitting under my belt before I decide to make that my official proclamation or anything.

I'm a third of the way through my potentially beautiful Kingfisher cape and there are no seams to look forward to. Already I'm dreaming of what I'll start on next, when this is done. I want to do some more socks, on eensy beensy little needles, but I also want something I can seam together when it's all said and done. I'm thinking of putting my cape on hold and working some more on the last sleeve of my cardi so I can wear it now that it's getting chilly and Fall-like weather-wise. Hubby is going to laugh at me because I can't decide what I'm doing from one day to the next, but I don't care.

Speaking of the wretched Hubby, he's taken my sock yarn hostage. That's right. I came home to a ransom note on the computer. It said something to the effect of "Bring the husband something good to eat at work or you'll never see your beloved sock yarn again." Sure enough, the empty bag was pinned to the top of the computer desk under our digi-cam. He's closing tonight, working until 9:45 or so. I'm debating whether I'll grease the front steps or actually take him something to eat... Maybe both. I can't risk debilitating him before I have my precious back in my hands. *mutter*

He goes out of town Wednesday morning, making the trek down to Ft. Benning in GA to see his brother Bobby graduate from boot camp or whatever military thing Bobby's been doing this time around. I've already made plans to meet my friend Bonny at the yarn store for emergency supplies Wednesday after work. :) By the time he comes home from his trip it'll be too late to return my purchases; they'll already be secreted away in a safe place. That'll teach him a lesson or two about holding my precious yarns hostage! Dirty thieving savage.
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