Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cinderella's Kingfisher Cape

Two days ago I re-CO for Cinderella's Kingfisher Cape, pattern by Huan-Hua Chye. The picture above was from the first CO which I subsequently frogged to re-CO in a more satisfying manner. Nothing but perfection will do, y'know! See my nifty Tamagochi stitch markers?

I found this pattern during a online search for some random thing I'd seen in the past but not favorited and was unable to find again. Providence, my friend, because I found this pattern instead and WOW it's more fantastic than the one I was looking for originally. What a beautiful story, what an amazing pattern. I definitely have designer's envy. Of course, I'm a new knitter - not even a designer at all - but I still have the envy. :)

Guess what? The designer is on Ravelry and she's totally sweet! We've talked several times and I tell you, I couldn't be more star-struck from meeting Hillary Clinton than I was to talk to this lady. Of course Hillary doesn't knit that I know of so I probably wouldn't be all that impressed with her anyway.

I showed my Mum (the knitting enabler) this pattern and told her what yarns I'd scoped-out for it online. How I was going to have to save-up for them. How I couldn't wait to have it on my needles. She said my colors were fantastic, then went out and got me some more random yarn that she fell in love with that had nothing to do with this pattern. Her yarns are a beautiful cashmere blend, ten balls in a dark charcoal grey and three or four in black as accents. Once again, my Mum is somewhat psychic. The yarn she chose is exactly the right weight/ texture/ size/ whatever to give me gauge in this capelet pattern! Plus, it has the added benefit of being a more useful color than what I'd chosen. In other words, it's perfect. I'll be able to wear this all the time and I'm thinking it will be just as beautiful in grey and black as it is in royal blue and gold. I'm going to look for some jet frog-buttons when I'm done knitting the masterpiece.

The Enabler is psychic. I've said it before (more often when I was young and trying to sneak out of the house) and I continue saying it to this day. Somehow the woman has the uncanny ability to provide me with EXACTLY what I need, when I need it.

All my other projects have been put on hold. Even the baby blanket that has to be done by next Monday for the baby shower. Even the cardigan with one sleeve missing that I've been working on for nearly a year now. Even the lovely socks I so desperately begged DH for the yarn for...

DH made a joke last night that for Samhain (Halloween) I should be a UFO and dress in all the things I haven't finished yet. The one-sleeved cardi, the one sock, the half a hat, the one mitten. I'll be WIP-girl.

I wonder how many men actually get maimed by knitting needles every year. Oh, but then again I treasure all my needles so I'd really have to use something else to harm him, like the Waterford crystal glasses we got for a wedding present that are completely useless for knitting. Yeah, I'll use those.

Now that I think about it, I'm not so sure I'm comfortable with that man knowing all the knitting lingo and using it to mock me! In fact, I think I'm mad! And to think, last night we went out to Chuck E. Cheese with our youngest son to celebrate his EXCELLENT report card and I only knitted for a few minutes. The rest of the time we played alien-shooting games. HOURS of precious knitting time wasted by flame-throwering innocent aliens and pumping grenades and ammo into them when I could be a third of the way closer to done with my precious cashmere cape instead! Only to have him mock me with my own slang later that evening. There has never been a more hateful or treacherous man alive.

That does it, for Christmas I'm going to knit him half a pair of socks.
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