Sunday, November 22, 2015

3.5 Miles

That's how much I've knit this year!  Approximately, anyway.  I have yet to weigh my yarn balls prior to & subsequently after making my projects, so I just averaged what I thought I used.  Still stupendous!

It's snowing here, so I can't get out into my garden.  Just means more knitting.  Sarah is in Canada, waiting on some snow to kick off the ski season so she can go to work.  It's clear & sunny where she is.  I wish I could send her some of this mess...

On happier notes, here are pictures of my husband & myself meeting Neil deGrasse Tyson in Nashville, TN this month.  Neither of us is exactly pleased with our pictures, but Neil looks great in both!

I'd almost forgotten I had a blog, until I started wondering how much I'd knit this year & remembered my knit meter.  Sad, eh?  I'll try to be more active, especially now that it's snowy outside & I really won't have any excuse not to.

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