Sunday, March 29, 2009

Guess What!

I got CLEAR SNEAKS!!!!!!

I went to the Goodwill yesterday evening to look for some Summer clothes for the kids. Got nothing in that area, but I found FOUR pairs of shoes (under $10 each) for me and a skirt and top (under $5 each) and two books and a big dry erase board for the kids. Whoopee! One of the pairs of shoes is CLEAR SNEAKS and they were $6.00!!!!! Look how awesome these are! They are about half a size too large for me, but I have long toenails so they're just perfectly comfortable.

That's right, those are little red HEARTS on the bottom!!!!!!

Ok, well that's enough of THAT.

Here are some more pics from our Florida vacation. My laptop got terminally injured while we were out there so I couldn't blog any more, and I've been too lazy since I got back to catch up. Below is all of us in the Everglades. Some nice passer-by offered to take one of us. Doesn't it look like an African plain behind us? But no, all marshlands. It was one of the most amazing places I have ever been in my life.

Below is some of my beach knitting, the Ten-Stitch baby blanket that never ends. How pretty is that though? The day was perfectly sunny and warm but there was a cool relaxing breeze coming off the ocean. I slept (and sunburned) but it's all good today. That's also Keegan and PJ snorkeling. The water was absolutely stunning, clear and cool and beautiful.

And finally, below is the green thing we found in the water. It was huge, as you can see, and softer than a grape. It felt like it was filled with skooshy liquid insead of being firm like a grape is, but the skin (shell?) was the same as a grape would have been. It was softer than a grape and you could see light through it so I don't think it was any kind of egg because we couldn't see any THING reflected inside. There wasn't any kind of a stem though, so maybe it was an egg? If you know what it is, please leave a comment.

We found the thing & figured it didn't belong in the water so we brought it out. But after just a few minutes it looked like it was beginning to shrivel and dehydrate so we decided to toss it back into the water. PJ chucked it back in and within minutes, the kids had found the beautiful silver leaf ring also pictured down there! That's a moonstone set in the ring, moonstone is also known as "Opal of the Sea". So our new theory is that the green globe really WAS something's egg and we got treasure for giving it back.

There are more pictures, they'll have to wait for another day though because today I'm working on this:

It's the Hexagon blanket, you can find instructions on Ravelry. I'm making all the hexagons in the same color, because it's going to be a warm "real" blanket for my neice. Well, we THINK she's a girl. The ultrasound shows what they believe to be a girl but her heartbeat says she's a boy. So I guess I'm not sending it until I know for sure that she's a girl. I'm planning on lightly felting it and then lining it with either flannel or polar fleece. If she turns out to be a boy, I'll make her one in primary colors & either keep this for myself or give it to someone else who's having a girl. She's due the end of next month, so she won't really need a warm blanket until this winter. Her receiving blanket (the 10-stitch above) should be fine until then.
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