Saturday, May 30, 2009

An Accomplished Saturday

Today, I put over 100 miles on my motorcycle, riding both boys around town and then buying parts to rebuild the fuel system on one of my new free weed eaters. Yes, free! My friend gave me his two, neither of them in working order. I've spent about $13 on this one so far. I had to replace all the fuel lines and the primer bulb, clean out the fuel tank, and purchase new string for this one. Right now it's outside where the remainder of the leaked fuel can dry off it before morning when I will attempt to start it if it's made it through the night and is still leak proof. The dirt that's on it is new, from when I tipped it up to attach the rewound string head. I've also cleaned the air filter & spark plug, and regapped the spark plug. So if it doesn't work at least I'm only out $13.

Outside of using a weed eater a couple times over the years, I have no knowledge of how they work or are put together. I checked online for the spark plug gap information for this model but everything else has been guesswork. I am going to feel SO GOOD if this thing runs tomorrow!

Look below. This is a little tiny mushroom I found growing in my tomato pot yesterday! Isn't it beautiful?

My tomato plants are getting big, I should probably put them out tomorrow in their forever home. If it's not good motorcycle riding weather, I probably will. If it's pretty outside though, I will more than likely grab one of my kids & head out to Bowling Green to meet my riding buddy.

Useful gardening time is easy to squeeze out of a busy schedule, you can even do that in the rain. Motorcycle weather isn't as easy to come by!

And finally, these are my grandbeans! Look how eensy beensy they are! All my bean plants are covered-up with them, too. I could just eat them up with a spoon. Actually, I probably will be eating them up soon, as fast as they're growing. My others, the red 18" long climbing beans, aren't growing as quickly as I'd hoped & they don't have any flowers yet either. I think they're not getting the optimum amount of sunlight that they need. I will have to move them around tomorrow to see if they become happier growing somewhere else.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday too!
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