Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

My husband is an ANGRY man! There's finally proof, look at how menacing & scary he looks, threatening me with grill tongs. *shiver* Ok, so -maybe- I'd just taken a terrible picture of him that may have portrayed him in a less than flattering way... or maybe he really is a mean ogre who would threaten his precious wife with grill equipment. You can decide.

Here are my Chinese Red Noodle beans, looking fetching and growing like weeds. I'm actually a little worried that they may not be getting enough light where they are now. I might move them before they get really attached to where they are now & put something else at the bottom of the pole. No flowers yet on them, I'm keeping my eyes out for them though!

Tomatoes below. Look how big they've gotten just in the couple of weeks since I blogged last! They're ready to transplant in the next few days.

These are my Soleil bush beans, THEY'VE ALREADY GOT FLOWERS! I'm about to be a bean gramma! My little bean babies are about to have beans of their own. My husband says that's a ridiculous thought, but these beans ARE my babies. I wonder why one of the blooms is cream colored and the other is white.

Here's Kara and Pixie fighting over a rawhide chew. Aren't they precious? My little dog-babies. Kara is my shelter hound that we just got in January. We've had Pixie since before Kieffer was in school. They each got a rawhide chew for the holiday today, but you know the best one is the one someone else has so they've been bickering over them.

And this is the CAKE that my fabulous hubby bought us as a surprise. It came from Publix. We saw it when we made a trip in for charcoal and I thought it was adorable; a cake that looks like a hamburger! He snuck back out there & bought it for me because I'd loved it so much. I guess he's really not such an ogre after all. Possibly the most fantastic husband in the whole entire universe and he's all mine!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I'll have knitting pictures next post. I'm in the home stretch with my Icarus, it's HUGE!
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