Saturday, April 18, 2009

What a Beautiful Saturday!

Look! This is the pretty sock I've been working on since last Sunday. The colors look much more vibrant in the picture than they do in person. I'm about to turn the heel sometime this afternoon.

Below is my 1st tomato sprout, this is a Purple Russian. It's an heirloom tomato with a supposedly superb taste and small roma-style fruits.

Below are my beans. See how much they've grown since I first posted their picture? These are two bean types, Soleil a yellow wax, french style bush bean and Red Noodle which is a climbing pole bean that produces 18" long red beans. I thought the kids would love growing them.

Today we mow our lawn. Or, Kieffer mows our lawn - since he's trying to earn enough $ to take himself & his "girlfriend" Hope to a matinee tomorrow. I had plans to do yard things too but am feeling crappy today so that might not happen in quite the quantity I had originally planned. Keegan has been EXTEMELY sick lately, has Dr.'s orders to be out of school from last Tuesday until this coming Monday. Jeremy started getting sick yesterday & went to the Dr. too and so two of my guys are down. It's just me & Kieffer holding down the fort.

At least I've got knitting and gardening to keep me happy, and this magnificent morning too. I hope everyone gets to enjoy it doing happy things with the ones they love most.
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