Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a lot like Winter!

This was the scene from my new vehicle's windshield the other morning. I knew it was going to freeze, but we rarely get these beautiful frozen crystals on the windows! When I was a little little girl, my Grandmother would tell me that Jack Frost had visited in the night & we would put our hands on the window & melt our palm prints out. I loved winter for that, it was the very first season I fell in love with. I haven't had a visit from Jack Frost in decades. This delighted me in ways I am unable to express. I hope their beauty in the pictures can delight y'all too.

We forgot to take our hose inside. Silly us. Apparently there was a small leak. I have no idea if the hose is ruined or not, but I thought it was very pretty the way the icicles formed and the icicle stalagmite next to the hose too. The weeds lived though!

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