Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Wily Kiefalope

Once known as my mild-mannered baby son, it has now grown to gargantuan proportions and nearly unbelievably is taller than me by more than an inch! I sent him off to his Grandparents' and a mere two months later he comes back to me OVER TWO INCHES TALLER!

I tried to explain to my Mother that it was completely unacceptable that she transformed my baby into a burly-voiced giant in under a sixth of a year but she completely ignored my complaint. I'm afraid to send the little one up there next summer. No good can come of it.

Here's a picture of Kieffer and me standing side by side. He now uses me as a comfortable armrest, towers over me, checks my hair to make sure the part is straight. All the horrible things we kids used to do to our tiny little Granny and we thought it was so funny (I'm sorry, Granny. If I'd known how terrible and traitorous we were back then I never would have adjusted your hair from above... I now know I deserved that elbow to the bladder). I KNEW I should have gotten Kieffer started on coffee earlier.
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