Thursday, December 17, 2009

These are a Few of My Favorite Things!

Actually, this is what I was doing all Summer/Fall while I wasn't blogging.

Below is the most vile and manipulative creature in the entire house. It doesn't LOOK vile and manipulative, and it doesn't FEEL vile or manipulative, but let me reassure you that it has powers - beastly powers of mind control. We call her the Snugubus. If she catches you relaxing on the couch knitting, she will sneak up and stretch out next to you and within minutes she's taken control of your mind. Your hands are no longer under your own control, they are winding through her neck fur and stroking her and then if she so desires it she will make you fall asleep and before you know it you have wasted an ENTIRE day snuggled up on the couch napping and loving on her. Sometimes you don't even get to the petting part, you just wake up on the couch when she gets done with you and moves away and you wonder what happened - the last thing you remember is knitting or reading and then poof, gone. Like a Nixon file.

Below, is one of the two quilts I've made for my soon to be neices or nephews. My brother-in-law Bobby is newly married last December and they are now expecting their first children. TWINS! We won't know until January sometime if they're girls or boys but I'm too excited to wait to make something.

I've done a lot of reading too. See the crystal bowl of yarn in the background? That's not just decorative, that's my yarn ends, waiting to become a pretty project but patiently waiting until then as a decoration. Next to it is my London Fog, a huge mug of Earl Grey tea with cream! Mmmm, so good with a fresh book and a warm dog on the...couch... *snore*

I managed to get a Christmas tree up. This is the very first REAL tree I've had as an adult. We've always had fake trees. Well, we as in me since I became an adult. When I was a kid we always cut our own tree down. I'm excited about this one, my girlfriend bought it for me as a surprise and I'm so happy I can't stand it.

And below is the best dessert wine in the whole world. Love it! Go grab you some & enjoy the holidays.

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