Friday, June 12, 2009

Bill, Dancing with the Devil

This is one corner of my lovely desk, you can see I have a compelling view of the back of a warehouse and a street. Yep, it's a winner! I actually do like it, it's one of the best views in the entire office.

This is my co-worker, Bill DiLuigi. He's a musician, a songwriter to be more precise, and will be hitting the bigtime any day now and taking us away to be his roadies. That's Trisha behind him, my other teammate. Bill, Trisha, & I make up the accounting department along with our boss Cyndi.

Bill came back from lunch today with a birthday treat for me. A delicious bag of pork rinds! I'm somewhat of a pork addict and the entire department (Nay, the entire OFFICE!) teases me about it all the time. Bill, however, is a vegetarian so it's all the more special when he brings me a pork treat.

Since it was my birthday, he agreed to eat a pork rind in celebration with me.

And because he's all three shades of awesome, he also willingly let me take photographic evidence of it!

Bill is the guy who wrote "Psycho Knitter" for us, and who also leaves me the clever anti-knitting post-it notes.

You know what he looks like, you know what to do!
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