Thursday, June 11, 2009

Let There be Knitting

My glorious Icarus, of which I am 7 rows into the "feather" lace at the end (chart two). I did the math today and I am 80% done! When you stretch this bad boy out it's HUGE! I'm about to go upstairs to my happy deck and knit some more - watching the evening birds at the feeder and daydreaming about all the delicious vegetables in my salad patch right now.

Any guesses what this might be? I'm betting it's my first volunteer-sunflower, about to bloom! Of course it could be just a tight knot of more leaves. We'll know in a few more days.

Here's my purple basil in the actual daylight, looking fetching.

Tonight my new batch of Soleil beans are a week old. This is a blurry shot, but they are about two inches tall! You can't really tell without my finger in there to gauge against.

See how little they look in their field setting? Hard to believe they're only a week old tonight, eh? Last week I planted them in just a few minutes before dashing out the door for a much-anticipated knit-night with my favorite people. In a few more weeks I'll be harvesting beans!

Also, I didn't get a picture of them but my Purple Russian tomatoes have blossoms! Not opened blossoms, but buds I should say. It won't be long now, though.

I'm going to go knit before it's too late to get any evening sunshine. It's one of my favorite times of day. Second only to early morning when everyone else is asleep. I creep outside with a warm cup of tea and my knitting and watch the birds wake up and begin coming to the feeder. They sing songs to the sunrise before they begin their day, I love it like nothing else.
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