Friday, June 12, 2009

Kieffer "CrazySkillet" Hall, Saves the Day!

Kieffer, or as he prefers to be called now "CrazySkillet", cooked dinner for my birthday tonight. I showed him a quick fried chicken recipe & teased him through his brief episode of unmanly terror at the hissing of frying things in oil and then he made a fabulous dinner!

He cooks most nights, actually. His leftovers are always getting me compliments at work because they smell so good when I warm them up. No one believes my 13 year old son is making them all by himself.

But really, I sat at the kitchen counter & knitted two rows of my Icarus and took pictures of him while he did everything. Usually I don't sit with him, but boiling oil... well... he IS just 13! So he hacked apart the first few thighs to make sure they were done inside.

This is him hacking.

And him when he thought I wasn't taking pictures.

He says he wouldn't mind if he married a woman who didn't know how to cook. He genuinely likes it! Which is a good thing because since he got in trouble at school, his job has been housewife stuff. We don't tolerate freeloaders in our family... even he agrees. Since he likes it, it's not really a punishment. So I try to teach him how to make different things all the time. Fried chicken is my birthday treat, since it's so unhealthy we can't cook it regularly.

What makes me the most proud? He's already the type of cook who uses a pinch of this and a dash of that according to what he likes in the spice cabinet. He's only got to use something a couple of times before he's got a good idea of how he likes to use it. And he's CREATIVE!

I'm proud of my son, even though he totally botched school last year.
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