Sunday, June 21, 2009

Critters on the Farm

These pics were taken the day we dropped the kids off at my Parents' farm - the same day I rode in the rain on the motorcycle in the last post. :) Been saving these, but had too much knitting going on & didn't post about them in a timely manner.

Look at this beautiful frog! She was sitting on top of the chicken's fence. There's no more chickens, and my Mom had folded an old pair of painters jeans over the top for some reason. Couldn't move them later because this critter was on top of them.

Below is a little froglet on top of the dog's pen fence. Both of these fences are really tall. How did these guys get up there? I'd have loved to see them climbing.

First frog kept yawning. We apparently bore little froglets.

Now THIS thing is freaky! First of all, it's about as long as a big person's hand - from pincher tip to wing tip. It was extremely aggressive. And it FLEW AWAY after we'd snapped a bunch of pictures of it. It was the size of a hummingbird! Freaky.
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