Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The first is one I have saved since before I became a knitter. It's destined for something special that has not been revealed to me yet. I call him The Water Bearer. I've never seen another button like him, or I would have snapped them all up. I have a whole big box full of favorite buttons, but this one goes with me everywhere in my wallet, like a good luck charm. I can't stand to be without him.

The second is a set of four. I purchased them on ebay a couple years ago.  I think I loved the idea of them and their gentle creator as much as I loved them. They are hand-cast pewter buttons, created from a hand-carved wooden cast that like any priceless piece of art is made in a limited amt and the cast permanently retired or broken afterward. One man makes them, not a corporation.

They are called, simply, "Robin" by their creator. If the picture isn't clear enough to tell, there is a pretty little Robin perched in a tree branch (looks like an apple tree from the leaves) above a tiny little nest filled with three perfect eggs. The Robin's head is up as if she's been singing her pride to the world.

When I purchased these buttons, I dreamed of putting them on a winterberry-red cabled cardigan, they would be perfectly showcased against the deep color. I never found that yarn though. This past Christmas,with gift certificate in hand, I found the yarn that wanted to be my next cardigan. A beautiful cardigan, too - filled to the brim with texture and winding cables. The kind of cables that made me want to learn to knit in the first place!

I've been happily knitting my sleeves, enjoying the fabric I'm creating, luxuriating in the way the yarn feels in my fingers and the way the cables materialize out of a few twisted stitches like magic. I've also been thinking about the four buttons called-for in the pattern. I look at buttons everywhere I go. These have to be perfect, they have to be showstoppers but not stealers... and there is nothing I see that comes even remotely close.

Until I'm unpacking in my new house, and this little folded envelope tumbles into my hands, and I REMEMBER! Oh, yes! Could it be, that these priceless treasures I squirreled away years ago could be THE buttons I was looking for? Yes. There's not even a sliver of doubt. It could only have been these buttons all along. This yarn's color, named from the yarn company, is Breezeway. I've always thought it was inadequately named and I've called it my "Stormy Robin's Egg" cardigan from the beginning. What better fate, than the Robin buttons being its soul mate?

You just can't convince me that things don't happen for a reason. People come into your life when you need them most. Fate hands-out life changing events that often bring miraculous things in their destructive wake. God is there to be seen in the little things. You just have to train yourself to see with your heart instead of your eyes.

I hope everyone has a blessed day!

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