Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A dinner picture. We are wiped-out by a very thoughtless head cold here and didn't get a pic of last night's dinner. I'll tell you what it was though. I roasted a whole chicken in my biggest cast iron skillet. It was delicious, juicy, and tender! We had peas (not the baby's favorite) and a loaded salad with it. Salad had dried cranberries & raisins, carrots, cucumbers, & cheese over a bed of baby Spring greens.

The picture above was Sunday's dinner: Homemade beef stew with potatoes carrots & onions, fresh baked (yes, by me) white bread, and steamed broccoli florets. Salad also.

Tonight, we're having chicken soup with the remains of last night's carcas diced-up in it & Wednesday we're using the last of our bread loaf for stuffing in some apple-stuffed chicken breasts. Thursday & Friday might be leftovers nights, we'll probably have the rest of the chicken soup and the Boob Jobs. (What else would you call an expertly stuffed breast?)

We love to eat good food!

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