Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fave Pic of Me

I have a (usually) very amazing, talented, and wonderful husband - who over the years has taken many spectacular and artistic photographs of me. I was at a loss to pick just one that was my very favorite. I figured I'd weasel out of this day by asking him what his favorite of me was.

This is it. Me, in the wind, at the front of our cruise ship, waiting to pull into the Cayman Islands. Look, it was VERY windy! I was making faces @ Jeremy, who kept telling me not to squint in the 40mph winds! What a ridiculous picture. Apparently this one reminds him of how animated I am with my facial expressions when I'm being silly, and causes him to convulse with laughter every time he sees it.

I've got to go sprinkle itching powder in his sock drawer.

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