Sunday, February 12, 2012

Inside My Closet

I am showing my favorite closet in the house: our coat closet. None of the others are nearly this interesting. Our coat closet, however, has a massive built-in drawer where I keep all my fabulous knitted accessories, it's got a handy dowel for permanent coat hanging, it's got a light all its own, and super-duper hooks along the wall too.

All that wonderful plays second fiddle to the magical quality of having a leaded glass window in my coat closet, though!

Now, catch me in a few months, when we're unpacked properly, and I won't mind showing you my actual closet. Right now though, there's not a shelf, rack, or dowel left in any of the closets. The previous owner must have taken them when she left.

I don't really mind - it'll give me a good excuse to buy one of those fancy customizable organizer things from the local Home Superstore. I've never had a nifty closet before, so I'm looking forward to it!

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